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use your skills as a lactation professional to confidently guide parents and babies past bottle refusal- without forceful tactics, starvation or tears

I LOVE Rachel’s approach that this is a ‘team effort’ and not a ‘fight’ or a ‘battle.’ Also, Rachel is a GENIUS. The way this material was presented was truly incredible. From the oral anatomy review, to the bottle/nipple types, to the WHO code, to the practical/clinical case studies and videos . . . MWAH, Chef’s KISS!”

- Cara, IBCLC

“Up to this point, my recommendation for families has mostly been just trying a BUNCH of different things and hoping something sticks. This approach is so much more systematic and individualized, observing where each baby is struggling with the bottle and then creating a plan for that family to address it!”

- Ashley, IBCLC

“I found Rachel’s explanations brilliant and clear, adding to the knowledge I already had on how oral function impacts breastfeeding.  My biggest takeaway is we’ve got to teach parents WHY their baby who *can’t* bottle feed can’t do it and *how* to help them learn instead of feeling angry and frustrated toward a ‘stubborn’ baby who ‘won’t’ take a bottle.”

- Tova, IBCLC

When you truly understand why bottle refusal happens
and how to solve it, you’ll ​

Not only will your clients feel immediate relief from the anxiety caused by bottle refusal- but also, learning to work with their baby (and not against their baby) builds their confidence as parents.

You’ll deeply understand the oral function problems that cause bottle refusal and be able to provide families with a step-by-step plan for success.

Become the local bottle refusal expert as happy parents sing your praises to their friends, neighbors, and medical providers.

Rachel O'Brien, IBCLC sits in a yellow chair, with arms crossed, smiling at the camera

Hi, I'm Rachel!

I’m an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) with a very busy private practice outside Boston.  Yes, I say “wicked” every day in real life.


I began doing bottle refusal consults in 2018 but I quickly realized that everything I’d been taught- make the mother leave the house, if baby is hungry enough they’ll take it, make sure baby is sitting up right and being pace fed- wasn’t helping the babies I worked with.


I soon began my deep dive into truly understanding bottle refusal and not just brushing it off as baby’s preference or a battle of wills.


And when I changed my tactics and developed my own method to guide babies past bottle refusal- my clients started calling me a bottle wizard.


In the following years I have spoken at multiple national conferences on bottle consults, have worked 1:1 with hundreds of families on bottle refusal, and met with families in over 40 US states and multiple countries virtually.


I created Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs to teach other lactation professionals why babies “refuse” bottles, what matters about bottles, and how to teach babies to bottle feed.


After all, I’m only one person. I can’t help all the babies- but together? We are a movement! 

This is what the parents I've worked with say
about my Bottle Breakthroughs method:

“after my son refused a bottle for over 2 months Rachel got him to drink one within 10 minutes of our first visit. She worked with me patiently over the next 2 weeks to consistently replicate this at home, and my son is now consistently taking the bottle with ease! Rachel also made me feel confident and empowered as a first time mom that I was making the right choices in my feeding journey. Thank you thank you Rachel!”

-Allie & baby Sam (4 months)

“I had lost hope my baby would ever take a bottle again. I bought an insane number of bottles and spent hours trying to coax her to drink from them with no success. In desperation, I scheduled an appointment with Rachel. I wish I had done it sooner and saved myself all those hours of anxiety and tears.

Rachel with just one virtual visit was able to resolve our bottle problems. Rachel gave us a plan with specific recommendations for bottles and exercises to help build bottle skills. With only one day to spare before starting work this has been such a relief!”

-Katie & baby Lily (5 months)

“My daughter would not take a bottle at all and would scream when we would try. I felt hopeless and was stressed because I was going back to work in a few weeks. Within a week and a half of seeing Rachel, my daughter is drinking 4 oz bottles like a pro. It was clear Rachel has a lot of experience with bottle refusal and took the time to explain to me why my daughter was struggling and what all her behaviors meant. The techniques she gave me to use at home were easy and worked so fast!

-Anna & baby Juniper (4 months)

A computer screen, laptop screen and two handouts all showing parts of the Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs course

In Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs, I teach you exactly how to get these amazing results from your own bottle refusal clients. 


This comprehensive course teaches you step-by-step how to identify the reason a baby is refusing bottles- and then how to teach parents to work with their baby to take the bottle. 


Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs covers absolutely every step of my successful bottle refusal method- and you’ll know how to ethically teach parents about bottles while staying within the scope of your lactation certification.

Some of the best feedback I've received has been from IBCLCs who were able to solve bottle refusal with their OWN babies!

screenshot of an instagram conversation with an IBCLC discussing bottle refusal with her own baby
screenshot of another instagram conversation with an IBCLC discussing bottle refusal and how Rachel helped her

Here's what's waiting for you inside
Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs

11 CERPs- 6 L-CERPs, 4 R-CERPs, 1 E-CERP

(7 modules- 7+ hours of recorded instructional content!)

Laptop showing a slide about the WHO code and baby bottles

Module 1 (1 hour)

Yes, you CAN talk about bottles!

No more worrying that the WHO Police are after you- you’ll be confident in what you can and cannot say or teach about bottle use.

Module 2 (.5 hour)

Breast or bottle? What’s IN the bottle?

Learn how feeding bottles of pumped milk can protect breastfeeding and lower parents’ risk of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs).

a laptop screen showing a slide about the dangers of a baby who cannot take a bottle to feed
laptop screen showing a slide about infant oral anatomy and baby bottles

Module 3 (1.25 hours)

Everything you’ve ever needed to know about bottles
(but were afraid to ask)

The secrets the bottle companies DON’T want you to know about how their products work- and the shady marketing tactics they use to sway your clients.

Module 4 (1 houR)

Nobody said it was easy:
How babies bottle feed (...or don’t)

Confidently assess the anatomical and functional reasons a baby is refusing the bottle- and why all the common bottle refusal advice is wrong.

a computer screen showing images of babies' mouths at birth and at 3-4 months old
a laptop scren showing a slide with a photo of rachel making a quizzical face

Module 5 (1 hour)

Breaking through bottle refusal

This is where the magic lives! Bring together everything you’ve learned and create a “life saving” step-by-step plan for your clients.

Module 6 (1.25 houRs)

The Bottle Breakthroughs consult

No gatekeeping here! From intake through follow-up, you’ll learn ALL the steps of my bottle refusal consult method.

a laptop screen showing a picture of Rachel sitting on a couch, speaking to a smiling baby who is sitting in her smiling mother's lap
a laptop showing a screenshot inside an online course and a virtual meeting between Rachel and a mother and baby who is refusing the bottle

Module 7 (1.25 hours)

Create a care plan

A full, real case study including the video of an ENTIRE virtual bottle refusal consult.


(Any other 80s babies out there actually HEAR that sentence when you read it?)

Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs includes these bonuses:

two cell phones with screen images of babies having oral exams performed


15 demonstration videos showing Rachel working with babies on various bottle feeding skills- PLUS links to videos of each oral function exercise exclusively for sharing with your clients

two stacks of documents fanned out to show the handouts included in guiding bottle breakthroughs


Customizable charting forms for Bottle Breakthroughs consults and care plans- PLUS handouts for yourself and your clients 

Rachel sits at a desk smiling at a computer screen, above a website graphic showing completion of guiding bottle breakthroughs


I will provide you with personalized feedback on your final assignment- and once completed, you’ll receive a certificate of completion PLUS a website badge letting families know you’ve been trained in bottle refusal

Visual overview of Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs course content, including modules on bottles, oral anatomy, and bottle refusal


Scholarships may be available for those identifying as BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+ or who are residing and practicing in countries designated by the World Bank as low or low middle income.


Bulk discounts available for group practices with more than 1 lactation professional on staff.


 Please email us for more information on scholarships or bulk discounts.

More than 200 of your lactation colleagues have already purchased Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs. . . check out these reviews!

Rachel is AMAZING! She put together a wonderful educational experience, including videos and resources. You can tell that she put so much work in this. Her knowledge is spectacular. She made me feel more confident in my abilities to assist families with their feeding difficulties. This course was engaging and captivating. Thank you so much Rachel for spending time with us, and sharing your amazing knowledge!

— Samantha, IBCLC

This course has been one of the most helpful courses I’ve taken so far (and I’ve taken a lot of courses). Rachel shares her knowledge in a clear and understandable way and then provides helpful examples that solidify the information in a “real world” way. After taking this course I now realize I really don’t know how I would have ever been able to do this before. 100% recommend!

— Piper, IBCLC

All the little tips and tricks for working with the babies – showing how you position them and how you talk to the families about it was priceless.  I feel like after so many courses you have new information and it’s hard to feel confident in implementing it because you haven’t seen it in action – can’t say that about this course!  The videos, and the step by step care plans are invaluable.  So thank you!

— jenna, ibclc

is Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs for you?

Great question. Let’s discuss.


You've got questions? I have answers!

You’ll be able to access all the course content until at least September 4, 2024.

I Development and Nutrition

I A 1 feeding behaviors at different ages
I A 3 infant anatomy and anatomical/oral challenges
I A 7 normal infant behaviors
I A 10 skin tone, muscle tone, reflexes
I A 11 term development and growth 

III Pathology

III A 1 ankyloglossia
III A 3 congenital anomalies

V Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology

V A Transition to Parenthood
V D Employment- beginning or returning to work
V E Family lifestyle
V G Maternal mental health
V H Maternal psychological/cognitive issues
V I Breastfeeding dyad relationship

VI Techniques

VI E Milk expression
VI G Refusal of bottle

VII Clinical Skills

VII A 1 feeding devices
VII A 5 Pumps
VII B 1 Active listening
VII B 2 anticipatory guidance
VII B 3 care plan development and sharing
VII B 4 Educating mothers and families
VII B 6 Emotional support
VII B 7 Empowerment
VII E 1 Advocate for BFHI
VII E 3 Advocate for mother/infant in health care system
VIII C 2 Clinical Competencies
VIII C 3 Code of Professional Conduct (CPC)
VIII C 5 WHO Code- advocacy and policy
VII D 1 Apply evidence based practice
VII E 2 Advocate for compliance with World Health Organization International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes (WHO Code)

If you’re an IBCLC, yes.

IBLCE’s Detailed Content Outline says we should know about “feeding devices including … teats” (clinical/UK term for bottle nipples) and  “REFUSAL OF BREAST, BOTTLE” is listed under techniques. 


If you are not an IBCLC please check the Scope of Practice for your particular lactation certification. 

Absolutely! There is a discussion area in the course area where we can all chat with each other. In addition, your final assignment is graded by yours truly with individual feedback so you have a place to ask me any burning question you may have once you get to the end of the course.

Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs is hosted by Paperless Lactation and Annie Frisbie, IBCLC Inc.


Annie Frisbie IBCLC, Inc is an approved Long-Term Provider by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners #CLT120-02. 

Well… sometimes. But usually not.


Typically the Bottle Breakthroughs method takes about two weeks of exercises and baby steps towards bottle feeding.  This is respectful of baby and makes sure there is no forcing or coersion.


As I tell my clients “if it was that easy to fix, you would have solved it already.”

Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs is ONLY available to people with a current lactation certification. Why?


Bottle refusal is intricately linked to oral function and latching.  It doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

As almost all babies refusing the bottle are breastfeeding or chestfeeding, bottle refusal is not an issue that should be managed by any professional who is not trained in lactation.  

Yes! Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs is on demand and you can begin learning today.

My pet peeve is so many lactation courses will teach you all about the problem- but they don’t teach you the solutions. 


If I’m left yelling “okay I understand the problem but what do I DO about it?” then as far as I’m concerned, that course wasn’t good enough.


Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs is different. 


I tell you why the problem is happening, AND how to solve it. And I give you all the tools you need to do it including charting forms. No gatekeeping here.

Nope! Despite what some well-intentioned Internet citizens think, IBCLCs are not “breaking the WHO Code” if we talk about bottles.  Talking about something in the WHO Code does not mean you’ve broken the Code. 

I go into this in detail in the course.

Nope. I don’t ever take any money from outside companies. I don’t do partnerships on social media, I don’t offer discount codes for products to viewers, and I pay full retail price for every item I use in my practice. 

My methods focus on babies under six months of age, although they do sometimes work for older babies as well.


In general, once babies are 6 months or older and have postural stability to sit up, it’s better to teach them to use a soft straw sippy cup rather than focus on the bottle.


Of course every baby is different! But it’s important to manage expectations for babies 6 months and over.

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